Where to Buy Kratom & How to Select the Best Vendor

Curious where to buy Kratom? We've got the info for finding the perfect vendor for your Kratom needs,
where to buy Kratom

Here you will find tips and tricks to locating the best place to where to buy Kratom. It is also wise to develop a network of Kratom supporters and users to ask them, Where Can I Buy Kratom? Word of mouth goes a long way, and with your research, you will soon become an expert and have go-to places to find what you need.

Kratom is available at a variety of locations from online to small local businesses who don’t scream BUY KRATOM HERE! Kratom comes in many shapes and forms, from powders to extracts, to pre-capsuled and leaf. Then you get into colored veins and strains, Bali, Maeng Da, Sumatra what?

The key to finding the best place to buy Kratom is checking the vendor’s knowledge of the product, a guarantee of quality product, and accessibility of someone available to help with your selection. Let’s break down the locations that Kratom is often sold, from the best places to not so ideal places.

Where to Buy Kratom? Online, of Course!

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Where Can I Buy Kratom?

Using the internet to purchase Kratom is the best method, but you still need to be selective to the vendor. When typing Where Can I buy Kratom into google, the results will be overwhelming. Where do you even start? Let’s break it down by things to look for on the website you click.

These central questions will help to ensure the website has people available to help answer any questions you might have about the product. You should know the exact reason why you want to start using Kratom, i.e., pain, energy, focus. Armed with that knowledge, you will be able to pinpoint precisely the Kratom that will work for you. Carefully read all the information listed under products and other pages of the site.

A website that offers a wide variety of products is another thing you should be looking out for. Not all Kratom is created equal. Maybe you do the best with reds but have only stuck with Bali. Not only should you switch out for other types of reds to avoid tolerance issues down the road, but to ensure you are using the right one for you. By trying these different strains, you might discover a Kratom that is the ultimate choice for your needs.

Another question is if they have a blog? Vendors that offer a blog is their way of saying they care about Kratom, and their goal is to assist in providing the best knowledge.

Finally, samples! The sign of a quality site is they are willing to send you a small sample of their product so that you can test it before making a big purchase. Quality Kratom can be expensive, so before making the investment make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Can I Buy Kratom at Headshops or Tobacco Stores

When figuring out where to buy Kratom, you might be tempted to stop at your local headshop. Quick and convenient plus no shipping costs, these local stores may seem like the perfect place to purchase Kratom. But, with quick convenience may come a lack of quality and lack of knowledge. I visited three different stores to try to source the best local Kratom and my time at each location was a different experience.

Headshop# 1

I walked in and went straight to the Kratom products. To my surprise, they had a moderate selection! I asked the shop clerk if anyone in the store was “the Kratom expert.” She took a big gulp and said, “I can try to help you?”

Her nervous response prompted me to ask what kind of training each employee has on Kratom, and her response was about half a day. She then mentioned she didn’t know what any of the strains meant; she knows the brands that are not as great as the other. What surprised me, though, is she knew the colors, white, green, and red and their expected effects. She also mentioned feedback from customers is another way they know what is right and what is not.

She was able to point out the not so great brands that are packaged pre-capsuled in white bottles or powder form in blue packaging. I knew from my research she was correct and was impressed that she was very open with me about that fact.

Headshop# 2

This particular shop was where I purchased my first Kratom product, and I knew their selection was decent. Because of the distance, I picked up the phone and gave them a call. Here is the transcript:

Do you sell Kratom?

Headshop#2 “So and So Tobacco, how can I help you.”

Me: “Hi! I am doing some research on local headshops and tobacco stores that sell Kratom, and I’d like to speak to someone you would recommend to be the Kratom expert at your store.”

Headshop#2 “You have to come to the store to discuss this. Thank you.” CLICK

He offered zero explanation and was incredibly rude. Perhaps it’s a legal thing that they cannot discuss this by phone? Maybe he was having a bad day and was fed up with questions. I’m not sure, but some clarification would have been better than the incredibly rude service. Although I know they have a decent selection of Kratom, I crossed them off the list based on the horrendous experience via phone.

Headshop #3

The last location I visited wasn’t a true headshop but an herbal store/occult book store. I looked at their website, and it boasted with a big headliner, “We Now Sell Kratom!” Learning from my mistake of making a phone call, I went in to discuss this in person. Their selection wasn’t extensive, just a few different strains. I asked the clerk what they would recommend for pain, and she surprised me when she said, “I legally cannot make that recommendation, but here is a chart that might help.”

The chart included each strain they offered, the color, and a vague description of it’s intended effect. I went ahead and bought a red Bali. It has never failed me in the past. And of course, since I knew the quality of their other herbal, I had pretty high expectations. Those expectations, unfortunately, fell short as the quality of the product was below anticipation.

Headshop conclusion:

If a vendor or business does not specialize primarily in Kratom, you risk quality, and you risk losing money. If you come across a salesperson similar to Headshop #1 who has some knowledge and pays attention to customer reviews, that’s a good sign. But you have to go the extra mile to seek out quality, and that can take a lot of time. Also, you may go back to that same location, and you will find the Kratom you purchased that worked and was good quality is no longer available. Often these shops replace the product to something “cheaper” because they want to move product at the lowest cost.

Gas Stations – Not Optimal For Buying Kratom

Local gas station with signs advertising Kratom and CBD sales
Local Gas Station Advertising Kratom

When searching where to buy Kratom, we do not recommend gas station purchases. Would you call your mechanic to fix the plumbing in your home? Sure they know how to fix things, but that’s not their specialty, and you will unquestionably be unsatisfied with the outcome.

Keep that in mind the next time you see a local gas station promoting that they sell Kratom. I went into such a gas station to see what they had. It was the white bottle capsules and the blue bag powder. Remember what headshop #1 advised, these are not quality brands.

While it may sound convenient to pick up your Kratom from your local “convenience” shop, you will ultimately waste your money and be left with a lower quality product.


Do your research even if it takes days or weeks. The next time you are wondering where to buy Kratom you will have the knowledge to make the best decision.

Kratom purchased in bulk powder is the best bang for your buck, and inferior products will leave you duped. Experts on its benefits should distribute Kratom. Searching online is the best way to ensure you are getting what you pay for and getting the top quality for fantastic results every time. Questions can be answered best online before purchasing, and the internet allows you to do so by contacting the vendor.

However, if you chose to shop locally, make sure you are checking out a variety of locations and drill the salesperson. If they are hesitant or unsure, that’s your sign to turn and walk away. Finally, Kratom belongs in gas stations the way that sushi does. Gas station sushi will most likely get you sick, and gas station Kratom will not work very well. Please leave it to the experts, buy online.

Still wondering where to buy Kratom? Check out our store for top quality Kratom products. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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