Kratom for Energy: 3 Best Strains

Curious about Kratom for energy? There are different colors of Kratom, and not all of them are suited for energy boosting. Find out which colors and strains fit your needs.

Could You Benefit from Kratom for Energy?

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Do you have a hard time waking up in the mornings? Are you lacking energy throughout your day? Fatigue can impact your health negatively in multiple ways. Kratom is useful for the many of us who face these daily struggles. You may have noticed there are different colors of Kratom, so you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference? Well, every color of Kratom can give you energy in small doses. However, there are important differences to consider when making your selection of Kratom for energy. 

Red vein Kratom, if taken in higher doses, can start to have a more sedative effect. The green and white strains are more effective for those seeking a stronger and longer lasting energy boost. Still, there are differences between these two strains as well. The green vein will be good for an energy boost, while also providing pain relief. The white vein will yield the energy boost you’re looking for, while also improving your mood throughout the day.

Best Strains of Kratom for Energy

White Borneo

This strain is going to be one of the best for overall strains of Kratom for energy, while also providing a mood lifting euphoria! We have plenty of customers who love this strain. It is grown and harvested in the regions of Borneo in Southeast Asia. The soils there are rich with nutrients and make this strain a pure and fast-acting Kratom.

Super Green MD

This strain of green vein Kratom will make your mornings brighter and more cheerful. It is comparable to the effects of coffee, without the harsh stimulant feelings. This strain will also help you with chronic pain, and promote euphoric, balanced, and peaceful effects. Super Green MD is a sister strain to Green Maeng Da, which is what the “MD” stands for. “Maeng Da” is actually a clever nickname given to this strain when it was discovered in Thailand, named for its potency.

White Bali

This is a great strain of Kratom for energy! These White Bali Kratom capsules have a very notable uplifting effect, which many think is perfect for pre-workout supplementation. “White Bali” is actually a name given by traders who shipped Kratom from the port of Bali, in Indonesia. This strain is actually a hybrid; a cross between White Borneo, and White Sumatra. Both of its parent strains are relatively potent, but the hybrid White Bali goes a step further when it comes to potency. 

Best Dose of Kratom for Energy

Capsules and powder Kratom for energy

One of the most important factors for Kratom and how it will effect you is the dose. The effects vary widely based on dosage and frequency of use. Therefore, users will have to experiment to find the perfect dose for their desired effects. If you’ve taken Kratom for an extensive time, you’ll likely understand how this process works. Lower doses of Kratom will have a greater energy boost. This is because higher doses can produce sedative effects, so err on the lighter side to start.

Also, Kratom vein colors can be mixed to achieve desired results. For example, some find that mixing green and white veins produces a very euphoric, alert effect that doesn’t overstimulate them. The same can be said about mixing red and green veins as well. One can expect a balanced and relaxed, pain-free result.

Our advice? Start with a smaller dose and work from there. Keep notes on how different strains and doses affect you so you can find your personal perfect supplement!


Kratom is a great natural source of energy that can help to boost your days and replace substances, like coffee, that are harsh on the human body. There are lots of different Kratom strains, and finding the best one for you can be a little trial and error. If you would like more help with selecting the best Kratom type for you, visit our contact page where we can help you with any questions you might have. To learn more about Kratom, take a look around our blog.

And, of course, when you’re ready to buy top quality Kratom products, head on over to our shop to purchase!


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