What is Kratom Extract? And is it Safe?

what is kratom extract

If you’re here, you probably know what Kratom is. But what is Kratom extract? It’s a product with a lot of buzz, and you can seemingly buy it from any headshop or gas station.

Kratom extract is a highly concentrated dosage of Kratom, sold in powdered, capsuled, and liquid forms. Some websites claim these products to be the answer to all day energy and mood boosts with no side effects. However, the science proves these products often contain doses of Kratom substantially higher than recommended. And further, could contain dangerous or unknown substances.

Types of Kratom Extract Available

Kratom extract comes in various forms. There is a powder Kratom extract. These powders may look like regular Kratom, but they can be very potent. Powdered Kratom extract is concentrated, and usually available by a ratio. For example, 2:1 Kratom extract powder is supposed to be twice as strong. Kratom extract is also widely available in liquid form. These sell as as “Kratom shots.” Liquid Kratom extract should, ideally, be nothing but Kratom extract powder and water. However, many products for sale have combinations with various oils and flavorings. Further, there are tons of online reports, as well as scholarly research, that says many of these liquid Kratom products contain harmful additives.

Dangers of Kratom Extract

Difficulty in Dosage

One of the biggest issues with Kratom extract products is the difficulty in taking a correct dose. Here at Kratom Capital, we advocate for responsible and safe Kratom consumption. Kratom extracts can have up to 500% higher alkaloid contents than normal Kratom powder. Specifically, the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, which affects opioid receptors up to 17X more than morphine. This alkaloid is present in natural Kratom leaves at about 2% of the total alkaloid levels.

While we understand the draw of more, Kratom can have adverse effects when taken in these extreme doses. Brains just weren’t made for the artificially increased levels of Kratom extracts. Consuming products like these has a higher likelihood of leaving you with withdrawal symptoms. Check out our blog about Kratom habits and tolerance to learn about the risks associated with taking too much Kratom.

Harmful Additives and Unknown Substances

The liquid Kratom shots are especially susceptible to having questionable ingredients. They are already mixed products, and have flavors and textures you can’t evaluate for authenticity. Most of the Kratom shots sold don’t even have a list of ingredients. They have only an active ingredients list, on which they tell you what percentage of the shot contains Kratom. So, you can’t tell if they have ingredients you’d like to stay away from. For example, synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners, etc. But even more importantly, you don’t know what other potentially dangerous ingredients may be lurking; like phenibut.

Phenibut is an unregulated drug developed in Russia to help with anxiety. In recent years, it has become available to US markets online. During research, we stumbled upon multiple stories of people unknowingly taking Kratom shots containing phenibut (pgh). These people told their stories of a downhill addiction, and moderate withdrawal symptoms. Some of their stories are below.

Kratom Extract Stories

Kratom, in general, is still lacking enough study. So, we are left to rely on personal anecdotes and experiences to help understand this product. Below, we have included the written experiences of people with Kratom extract.

“Our situation is very unique, and I know Kratom isn’t to blame – my husband is an exception and our story is very rare. I’m about to file for divorce due to his expensive, out of control Kratom extract addiction.

He’s always had issues with alcohol. After an accident, he became dependent on pain meds and read that Kratom could help him quit pain pills. It’s been about 15 months and he’s gone from $20 a day to $100 a day. Most refuse to believe anyone could handle the amount he’s doing, but the teas don’t do for him. His dose consists of several Liquid Kratom extract shots per day equaling $75-$100 per day.

He says he’s built up a tolerance and needs huge amounts to get the high he’s looking for. Most people seem to handle their Kratom consumption with $2-$5 teas. This addiction has put us in serious debt. Every day, I see outrageous charges from the local head shop, it’s insane and beyond rare.”


“Today starts day 34 cold turkey. Coming off Kratom shots that contained Phenibut. I had 3 to 4 shots a day for 2.5 years. I did not know these shots had phenibut in them so that was fun to find out. First 2 weeks were bad. I had chills, sweating, headaches, RLS in all my limbs and pelvis, no sleep first 6 days then a couple of hours once the sun came up. There were major heart palpitations with anxiety. I really didn’t feel depressed, but no energy, no motivation, exhausted, could not concentrate and just felt useless. I can’t exercise too much due to back issues, but I’ve been power walking a little over 2 miles everyday.

By week 3 I was finally able to get some sleep, about 3-4 hours a night. Last few nights I am sleeping about 6 to 7 hours. I still have GI issues and still feel kind of lazy, but I continue to push through.”


“I discovered Kratom extract in the smoke stores. It was almost by accident. I was going to buy some powder, but they had run out so offered the Kratom extract pills instead. Expensive little pills. Each pill was about $10. Before I made any purchase I went home and researched. Saw the warnings and horror stories. But wanted to do it anyways. Thought that could not happen to me. Spoken like a true addict.

So I went back the next evening and bought a single package of extract pills. After 3 months of daily use, I had worked myself up to 3 doses a day, 5-6 pills a dose. Yes, you read that correctly: 15-18 pills a day where each was between $ 7-8. The weekly costs were up to $500+. After a 3 month Kratom extract run (binge?), I maxed out huge limits on two credit cards at $20k and $10k.

Sad part is I didn’t care one bit about the money during use. Did not care. In retrospect when I quit Kratom extract use, the damage to both my credit and my wife’s credit was already done. She had nothing to do with it, but my poor decisions affected her financial future. It will take many many years to recover financially.

I’ve stopped using Kratom extract late July and went through a couple weeks of cold turkey misery.

Kratom extract, as you can see, has the potential to give you a new financial burden to the likes you would generally not see with regular plain leaf Kratom. It will also destroy your tolerance. Indirectly, the financial burden has the potential to ruin or strain relationships. If you have not gotten into Kratom extract yet, please consider the stories before you do so you can make an informed decision. There are serious consequences of using Kratom extract daily.”


What is Kratom Extract Conclusion

Here at Kratom Capital we believe that Kratom extracts are a potentially harmful manmade substance. Which is why we only sell 100% unadulterated, organic, fine ground Kratom leaf. We strive to be open and honest with our customers about being responsible with Kratom. And, ultimately, we believe the potential risk of addiction to Kratom extracts is too great to sell or endorse them.

We encourage you to do your research, take Kratom responsibly, and, as always, contact us with any questions you may have!


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