Ways of Taking Kratom: Recipes & More

Find recipes to make taking Kratom a little bit easier!
taking kratom in powder form

Kratom is a wonderful remedy for relieving pain, anxiety, and insomnia, and can boost your mood and energy levels. However, let’s be honest. The taste is… unique. Kratom’s flavor is grassy, or earthy, and strong. There are many methods of taking Kratom that mask the flavor of the herb to varying degrees. Now, nobody here is promising your Kratom will taste like honey and rainbows. But, we’ve got some options for making Kratom’s flavor a bit more palatable. 

Toss n’ Wash

This is the most straightforward of the methods for taking Kratom. And, it’s the method that will leave you with the most Kratom flavor in your mouth. Simply spoon a small amount of Kratom powder into your mouth and wash it down with your chosen liquid. If you do this quickly, it shouldn’t be so bad! You can use water, but you could also use something a little tastier! Some customers like to use a sweet juice, a sports drink, or even chocolate milk for the washing process to counteract the Kratom flavor. 

A word of caution though, the Kratom is a powder and should not be inhaled. Using smaller amounts of Kratom (1 teaspoon) to wash down will help with ensuring that the powder is swallowed, and not inhaled. 

Kratom Tea

Making Kratom tea is an option that many people use for taking Kratom. Since, it is convenient, effective, and there are many options for changing the flavor and sweetness to suit your preferences. 

Kratom tea

It is important to note that Kratom tea should only ever be used with powdered leaf, and never with Kratom extracts. 

To make Kratom tea, simply boil water, pour over your desired dose of Kratom, let steep for 25-30 minutes, strain out the Kratom powder, and voila! Kratom tea! This can be made in individual doses, or larger batches that can be refrigerated and taken at a later time. The general rule for this is 1oz. of Kratom per liter of water. You can adjust the ratio, but the less water, the stronger the tea. 

Now, the tea by itself is not the most delicious. But, it is a great base for additions! Some popular flavor enhancers are steeping a bag of your favorite tea along with the kratom powder, adding sweeteners like stevia, sugar, or honey (which counteracts the bitterness of the Kratom), and adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. You can even put your tea in the refrigerator or pour over ice for a refreshing drink on a hot day. 

Here is a video tutorial showing the Kratom tea making process.

Kratom Smoothies

Green Kratom smoothie

Adding Kratom powder to a smoothie or protein shake is a great way to help mask the Kratom flavor. However, you may have to up your dose with this method to feel the same effects. Simply add your chosen dose into your favorite smoothie or protein shake and enjoy! Many strains of Kratom can be used in place of pre-workout supplements, and combining it with your pre-workout smoothie or shake can make your life even simpler. 

Kratom Capsules

For those of you who would simply rather not deal with the Kratom powder’s unique taste, Kratom Capital offers the same high quality Kratom powder packed into easy to take gel capsules! The capsules offer not only a tasteless and easy way of taking Kratom, but also a more simple option for managing your doses.  


However you feel about the taste of Kratom, there’s a method of taking it to suit everyone. Have a favorite way we didn’t list? Leave a comment and let us know! As always, if you’ve got any questions visit our contact page to give us a call or send us a message. And of course, head on over to our shop when you’re ready to purchase some top quality Kratom!


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  1. Thank you for this page. There are other ways I’ve heard of people taking kratom, that are decidedly unhealthy. I greatly appreciate the detail here on the most common (and SAFE) methods for consumption. Those utilizing other means should learn from this information as these are conducive to a healthy dose.

    I refuse to mention the other methods in order to prevent the transmission of bad information; however, needless to say that the consumption of anything should be approved by medical professionals.

    I have personally used most of the methods described above and there is no “right” solution. I would warn that combination of water may take several minutes to hydrate as kratom powder is extremely fine. If you act too quickly, you could end up scattering the powder all over and losing a fair portion of your dose. Be patient, be careful and be safe.

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