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using kratom responsibly

When trying any new supplement, it’s essential to proceed with caution. If you’re new to kratom, you may be wondering how to use kratom responsibly. Even after thorough research, you can’t be positive about how something will affect you until you try it. Using Kratom responsibly can look different for everyone because Kratom affects people differently — it’s best to start with a small dose regardless of size, age, or other factors. For instance: if the same size person takes the same size dose, it may affect them differently. Millions of Kratom users over the years have learned that using Kratom responsibly requires starting slowly. We encourage you to develop safe Kratom habits from the very beginning.

In this blog, we’re giving you all the tips and tricks we’ve collected on how to use Kratom responsibly so you can safely enjoy this natural, healing supplement.

Using Kratom Responsibly: A Checklist

Below are the aspects of responsible Kratom use that you should concern yourself with if you want to know how to use Kratom responsibly. By understanding each of these points, you can ensure that your Kratom use is safe and responsible.

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Using Kratom responsibly begins with making sure Kratom is legal where you live before you order or consume it. Kratom legality varies, so do a little research to determine if Kratom is legal where you live. One useful resource for that is the Kratom Legality Map, published by

Dosing Kratom Responsibly

Kratom comes in multiple forms, but two types are widely accepted and used most frequently. The most popular ways to take Kratom are in powder form and in gel capsules full of the powder. The tricky part is that there isn’t a standard recommended dose for Kratom as there is for prescription medication. In general, a minimum Kratom dose is equal to a standard measuring teaspoon, or roughly 2.25 grams. Kratom powder should be organic and consist of ground-up, crushed leaves with no additives. Online references usually give dosage levels in terms of teaspoons, tablespoons, and grams.

It’s usually easier to calculate the amount of Kratom per dose when taking capsules because capsule weights are typically predetermined. Not only is Kratom easier to measure in capsule form, but capsules also let you avoid the bitter leafy taste! For these reasons, Kratom capsules are great for new users.

Make a Kratom Dosage Plan and Stick to It

Once you have decided the type and amount to start with (by way of research), create a diary of dosages to track how much you take, what the effect is, and how often you seem to take it. At first, this may not seem necessary, but as you take it for a while, a tolerance level will build, and you may start taking a little more each time, without realizing it. Keeping this dosage diary will help you maintain safe kratom habits.

Choosing a Vendor

One of the most important aspects of taking Kratom responsibly and safely is finding a trustworthy vendor. With new Kratom vendors popping up everywhere, perhaps the best way to find a great company is on the internet. With a growing amount of companies popping up online, consumers should be cautious when choosing a Kratom vendor. Reputable Kratom companies should have a professional-looking website, in-depth product information, and reviews across multiple platforms. Reputable vendors will always take the time to educate their customers about Kratom and the products they offer. This especially holds true for people seeking additional guidance because they have never taken Kratom before. To learn more, head on over to our blog about evaluating and choosing a Kratom vendor.

Use The Internet!

Another way to find a well-respected company is to hit the forums. Reddit, a forum website, is a great place to see whether your vendor is mentioned — either positively or negatively. As with most types of businesses, word of mouth is another great way to find good service. Don’t be afraid to ask around in your area to see if friends or family have specific websites they prefer. It’s worth noting that most unpleasant Kratom experiences stem from a lack of vendor research and taking too much Kratom in one dose. With this being said, those who most enjoy their Kratom take the time to do proper vendor research first!

Using Kratom Responsibly Is Said To Solve Many Problems, Though Not All

Though many people frequently use Kratom and benefit significantly from its effects, some also encounter mild side effects. If you were to take too much at once, it could cause slight nausea or constipation. These are not fun side effects anyone wants to experience. If you experience unwanted side effects, consult your dosage diary and see if there is a marked increase in your consumption. Reduce your dosage and monitor your side effects. As always, though, if you’re concerned with a side effect of any supplement, see your doctor.

Disregard the Hype About the “High”

Be careful about your expectations. Some Kratom users declare that it gives them a light “high” feeling or euphoria. While this is a nice effect, chasing it can lead to complications — like the side effects described above. If the question is how to use Kratom responsibly — consider why you’re using Kratom. Using Kratom as a natural supplement alternative to harsh prescription drugs is quite different than chasing a high.


If you’re looking for a supplement to help with pain, anxiety, depression, energy, or focus, Kratom can be very beneficial. It’s good to pay careful attention to the amount you start with, the type you take, and your expectations for the result to maintain safe Kratom habits. You should take Kratom with an open mind, but don’t count on a complete cure for what ails you. Don’t expect a perfect solution with Kratom, just a lot of help.

If you’re ready to start using Kratom responsibly, check out our shop’s collection of high-quality Kratom powder and capsules.


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