Birthday Cake CBD Flower


If you’re looking for a wonderful strain of CBD Flower that will put your mind at ease, you’ve found it. This strain will help you put your long workday behind you! Birthday Cake is an Indica-dominant strain, and is wonderful for anxiety and stress relief.

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Colorado Grown Birthday Cake CBD Flower

We get our Birthday Cake CBD Flower from reputable farmers in Colorado. It is some of the highest quality CBD Flower available, and for our low prices, too!

Benefits Of Using Birthday Cake CBD Flower

There are loads of benefits to using CBD (Cannabidiol). When you ingest CBD, its natural anti-anxiety effect will ease your stress. Our Colorado-grown  CBD Flower is a fast-acting remedy for most people, which is why many use it against chronic anxiety. Another benefit of Birthday Cake CBD Flower is its ability to assist in post-workout recovery. As a result of its anti-inflammatory effects, it will help soothe your muscles after a hard day at the gym. CBD could also help with a common headache.

Don’t Worry, It’s Legal

While there are still some people who are skeptical about the effects and usage of Birthday Cake CBD, it has been proven to be completely legal. Special strains of hemp are cultivated and grown specifically to have extremely low quantities of THC. The legal amount that can be in your CBD is 0.3% THC. With this in mind, we make sure all of the CBD we sell has less than the legal 0.3% THC, with 0.0% Delta-9 THC. Our Birthday Cake CBD Flower follows these guidelines. We also carry CBD isolate, which has a THC content of 0.0% mixed with kratom in capsules.

What Do The Effects Feel Like?

With its absence of THC, you can rest assured that our CBD has no psychoactive effects. Users of our CBD will not feel any sort of “high.” What you can expect to feel, is an almost immediate relaxation of your nerves. Stress should fall right off your shoulders, and you’ll have a moment of peace. Perfect for a reward after a long day! If you are curious to try CBD Flower, we recommend you get it from a reliable source, such as us here, at Kratom Capital. Here we make sure to get only the highest-quality CBD flower from very reputable farmers. 
If you’re curious about taking CBD and Kratom together, head to our blog here about the combined effects.
Amount of Flower

1 gram, 3.5 grams (1 gram FREE), 7 grams (2.5 grams FREE), 14 grams (6 grams FREE), 28 grams (14 grams FREE)


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