Super Yellow MD Kratom Capsules


Super Yellow Kratom is a great all-around yellow strain. This yellow will relieve your pain, and relax you after a long day. Named “Super” for its large leaves, this mild-tasting Kratom will make your day go by a little more smoothly. These capsules are here to make you smile!

Super Yellow Kratom Capsules


What Are the Effects of Super Yellow Kratom Capsules?

The effects of Super Yellow MD Kratom capsules are comparable to a mix of white and green vein Kratom. You can expect to feel a sense of euphoria, as well as a slight sedative feeling. Everybody has their perfect dose and will experience different effects based on how much they take. With Super Yellow MD Kratom, we recommend starting on the lower side of dosing to avoid over-sedation.

Smooth, Relaxing, Uplifting- Super Yellow MD Kratom Capsules “Even Out” the Day

When you do find your desired dose, you can expect to experience a feeling of pure comfort. Along with its mix of green and white attributes, Super Yellow capsules can easily chill you out, while giving you the small push you need to finish your day off strong.

Consider Your Mood Improved

Many users who have tried our Super Yellow MD strain, report that their mood throughout the day was vastly improved. It’ll be difficult to stay in a bad mood after taking this “super” strain! Whether taken by itself or mixed with another strain, Super Yellow MD Kratom capsules are sure to brighten your day.

Try Mixing Them With A Different Vein

If you regularly take green or white vein Kratom, it would be a good idea to mix it up a bit. Super Yellow MD Kratom capsules can enhance the effects of either green or white vein Kratom, depending on the dose you take. Although, that’s not to say that it doesn’t mix well with red, either! In fact, if you’re having trouble relaxing a red vein mixed with our Super Yellow MD will help immensely.

A Bit More About the Super Yellow MD Strain

This yellow Kratom gets its name from the large size of its leaves; hence, “super.” Our Super Yellow MD has a pleasant aroma and a mild taste. It is known around Kratom Capital to be one of our favorite strains of yellow. Now, conveniently available in capsule form!

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