Super White MD Kratom Powder


Super White MD, short for Maeng Da, is a particularly potent strain of Kratom. Maeng Da, a clever name meaning “Pimp Grade” in Thai, was given to the strain because of its amazing effects!

Super White MD Kratom Powder


What Are The Effects of Super White MD Kratom Powder?

Super White MD Kratom powder, short for Maeng Da, is a particularly potent strain of Kratom. Maeng Da, a clever name meaning “Pimp Grade” in Thai, was given to the strain because of its amazing effects. Super White MD is a unique sister strain of White Maeng Da. The term “Super” comes from the large size of the leaves; the largest of all the Kratom species!

Super White MD Kratom Powder Is A Great Mood Enhancer

When using this Super White MD Kratom, one can expect a certain degree of mood enhancement. Experimenting with dosage is necessary for most new users, but many find their perfect dose fairly quickly. Once you find the right dose for yourself, you’ll more than likely see a great uplifting in your mood!

The Perfect Strain To Help You Accomplish Goals

Working out, studying, writing… There are so many things that our customers use this strain for. White Kratom, in general, is a highly energetic vein. This Super White MD, however, is possibly the most potent and energetic strain of its kind. We love hearing stories and reviews of success and progress, and our customers highly recommend this strain for this!

Enhance Your Cognitive Function With Super White MD

Super White MD Kratom powder can instill a sense of motivation and focus. This strain increases alertness and wakes users up. Taking white vein Kratom puts you into a creative, focused, and productive mood. As a result, your thought process will be able to flow freely! When you get to experiment with your perfect dose of Super White MD, you will definitely experience some pain relief. This is one effect that all Kratom shares.  A person can expect to find some pain relief with any strain. We recommend mixing this white Kratom powder with one of our excellent red vein Kratom powders to achieve the best sensation of pain relief.

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6 reviews for Super White MD Kratom Powder

  1. Pete@swimads

    Always been a consistent, potent strain. Especially with Kratom Capital💪

  2. Cathryn Conway

    I’ve been back and forth between Houston, TX and Corpus Christi. THIS IS THE BEST WHITE VEIN KRATOM! When I’m in town always make sure to grab some. KRATOM CAPITAL has everything I need for the right price point and the people are AWESOME! Thanks KC

  3. Ryan munoz

    I was buying kratum from head shops. I was lucky to find out about kratum capital. The quality was so much better, and the information about there product was way better. They have helped me find what works for me. I’ve been doing business for 2 years now with them, and never been unsatisfied.

  4. Donell Holbert (verified owner)

    This is the strain I found that works best for me. Pimp grade says it all. I’ve tried different ones but this is the one I keep coming back too…

  5. Casey

    I was recommended the Super White strain for focus, overall positive mood, energy & mild pain relief. And this product delivers just that. I was blown away at the start of my journey.

    I’ve tried many of their different colors & strains & this product is by far my most loved but who knows Kratom Capital is getting so many new strains I might find a new favorite.

    I was completely ignorant to anything Kratom & am so glad I found Kratom Capital. I’ve been given great recommendations, amazing service, quick turnaround times & most importantly great products. I was so surprised at how well it worked.

  6. Emily (verified owner)

    If you are a fan of the white strains (looking for energy, focus, overall sense of well-being, motivation, and confidence) then this is the strain for you. I have tried many strains from shops and other online providers and Super White MD from Kratom Capital easily beats them all. Kicks in fast, long lasting effect, zero hangover.

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