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Potent, Very Uplifting, and Euphoric. Something of a house favorite, Green Maeng-Da is considered to be the most desirable strain from Thailand. Even further, we’ve taken the time to find the best quality available for you, and offer it in capsule form!
Each capsule contains half a gram of Kratom.
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Where Do Our Green Maeng-Da Kratom Capsules Come From?

We get our top- quality Green Maeng-Da Kratom capsules from some of the most dependable and reputable farms in Thailand. The people of Thailand discovered this strain of Kratom and almost unanimously decided that it was the most potent green Kratom they’d had! Therefore, when naming this strain, they had a bit of fun with it. In fact, “Maeng-Da” actually means “pimp grade” in Thai (Very Good).

A Bright and Cheery Way to Start Your Day

From what we’ve heard from our customers, our Green Maeng-Da kratom capsules will make your days much easier to dive into! It is comparable to the effect of coffee, without the harsh stimulant feelings. Many users enjoy mixing Green Maeng-Da capsules with white vein Kratom capsules to balance the effects. Green Maeng-Da is a great mixer to moderate the effects of a red vein as well. A mix of green and red would slightly reduce the sedative effects of the red, while the pain-killing properties of the red remain.

Focus Up With These Potent Green Capsules

If somebody were to have trouble staying focused, or find themselves less alert than usual, then our Green Maeng-Da kratom capsules might be right for them! There are many strains of green vein Kratom available, with Green Maeng-Da being one of the most desirable. We pride ourselves on the top quality of all of our Kratom. Many users, however, find favorite strains and stick with them.

Green Maeng-Da Is Great On Its Own, But We Recommend Trying it Mixed

Green vein Kratom is one of the milder veins, but it still provides users with boosts of mood and energy. Some find that mixing green and white veins produces a very euphoric, alert effect that doesn’t overstimulate them. The same is true about mixing red and green veins as well. One can expect a balanced and relaxed, pain-free result.

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4 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

  1. Mrs. B

    I have a neurological disorder for which there is no cure along with muscle spasms and pain comes a lot of depression and anxiety attacks. While the Kratom works very well on the physical conditions of my condition, it works really really well for the depression I suffer from no longer being able to work as well as panic attacks and due to an assault I endured early in life. I also deal with a lot of PTSD from that event. The Kratom works very very well on offsetting the depression and even works well for the flashbacks and the ptsd from that event. My husband has polycythemia vera which is a blood cancer he also deals with a lot of depression anxiety disorder and outside also. I can honestly say that Kratom is very effective with both of our depression and our ptsd. I find when I feel a panic attack i take the green Kratom and within twenty to thirty minutes that episode dissipates while also giving me energy. I can not describe how effective the Kratom is for me and my husbands conditions.

  2. Jacob Graham

    Perfect product since switching to capsules. I love them on the go! Super green and super energy! I’ve used kratom over pain meds for a fused disc for 2 years n I love it! Great consistent product!

  3. mfry9862

    Best Kratom around. I enjoy white powders mainly but the greens are great for energy/pain relief. I buy capsules for when I need to be a little more discreet than using the toss n wash method! These are also a great alternative to powder if you don’t like the somewhat bitter taste of Kratom.

  4. Nathan

    These are awesome if you don’t want to get powder on you! Great product and great customer service!

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