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Our Green Malay Kratom capsules have long been one of our favorite, most all-around versatile strains of green Kratom. Green Malay is- you guessed it- grown in Malaysia, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. All this goodness, packed into convenient capsules, just for you!

Each capsule contains half a gram of Kratom.

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Green Malay… What A Way To Improve Your Day

Our Green Malay Kratom capsules have long been one of our favorite, most all-around versatile strains of green Kratom. Green Malay grows in Malaysia, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. In fact, the people of Malaysia have been using this leaf for centuries, taking advantage of its numerous fantastic qualities. What qualities might those be? Well, this particular strain actually has what might be considered a perfect balance of effects. People report Kratom’s pain relief properties as wonderful. The same is also said, equally, of these Green Malay Kratom capsules’ abilities to increase your focus, and elevate your mood- all at the same time!

Let’s Talk About Focus

One of the problems many people face, when it comes to focusing on important tasks, studying, etc… Is the fact that sometimes things get boring! You may find your attention drift away to something else that actually amuses or entertains you. That’s just human nature! When you introduce a wonderful strain of Kratom, such as these Green Malay capsules, into your daily routine, however… You’ll find that it’s a bit easier to forget about things being boring. Completing those tasks, finishing that chapter of your coursebook, or anything else that might usually make you yawn, they all get a bit easier. The alkaloid-packed Green Malay Kratom capsules stimulate your brain, and make you feel happy doing whatever you do!

When Is The Best Time To Take Green Malay?

We have heard from many customers, that taking this in the morning is an excellent way to wake up. In fact, lots of people actually choose to take these Green Malay Kratom capsules over a white strain. This is because Green Malay covers the same bases as a white strain,- energy, and focus – but also includes the pain-killing and euphoric aspects we all love in green strains! It is always good to experiment with mixing and dosing, however. You never know if there’s a perfect mix or amount that suits your needs perfectly unless you try them out. Green Malay is an excellent strain by itself, and excellent in any mix you could throw it in!

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  1. Misses B

    I have MS and my husband has cancer and had a stroke 6 weeks ago. From the onset of both my MS and his cancer our doctors wanted to put us on narcotic pain medication and muscle relaxers. I come from a family with narcotic abuse issues. At the advice of someone I know on Kratom I opted to try that instead of narcotic and muscle relaxants with great success. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, rather than put him on pain meds the doctors ordered I started him on the green Kratom. Since being on Kratom we have never taken any narcotics. MS causes involuntary muscle spasms and that is greatly reduced with the green Kratom. It also has been a great help with depression and severe anxiety for both of us. I’ll never take anything but Kratom again.

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