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kratom petition to WebMD CEO

This week the American Kratom Association issued a petition aimed at WebMD. This Kratom petition calls for WebMD to stop spreading the misinformation from the FDA about Mitragyna Speciosa. Keep reading to learn more about the petition, and how you can act as a Kratom advocate.

Kratom Petition Details

In 2017 the FDA issued a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that created the opportunity for WebMD to publish information about Kratom straight from the FDA. The issue with this is that WedMD is an enormous and powerful worldwide platform; and, unfortunately, the FDA has proven themselves not to be trustworthy when it comes to Kratom. Below is the text from the AKA urging the public to sign this Kratom petition and share their own accounts of Kratom’s helpfulness in their lives.

Please sign and share this Kratom petition today to tell WebMD CEO Robert “Bob” Brisco to stop acting as an agent of the FDA in their attacks on kratom.

WebMD and their affiliate sites are leading worldwide sources for public medical information, and by publishing FDA produced misinformation on kratom, they are doing more to harm consumer access to kratom than almost any other public entity. 

 The Department of Health and Human Services told the DEA in 2018 that the FDA was wrong on kratom, and rescinded the proposed classification of kratom in Schedule I. More importantly, HHS said that scheduling kratom would put millions of kratom consumers at risk of being forced back to more dangerous drugs to manage acute and chronic pain, and that would increase overdose deaths from opioids. The FDA suppressed the HHS letter for years, proving that they cannot be trusted on kratom. By blindly following FDA instructions, WebMD and their affiliates are ignoring the truth and endangering the public. 

WebMD previously signed an MOU agreement with the FDA to share and “provide publicly available content to be used in health professional informational, educational, and training programs that will be run by WebMD.” As a result Health Care Professionals are regularly receiving FDA designed anti-kratom information, and then the public is fed it through WebMD’s vast network of websites and social media channels (which includes direct partnerships with big tech companies like Twitter.) 

Add your signature to tell WebMD and their affiliate sites to be responsible to the public and stop being an agent of the FDA.


Additionally, please share your own testimonial on how kratom has helped you personally in maintaining your health and well-being.Sincerely,

Matt Salmon


American Kratom Association

Kratom & FDA History

As mentioned multiple times above, the FDA and Kratom have faced many struggles. The FDA tried to have Kratom classified as a Schedule I drug, along with substances like heroin and cocaine. After severe backlash from public and policymakers alike, the FDA seemingly backed down, and removed their recommendation for Kratom’s scheduling. What the FDA didn’t tell the public, however, was that the information they had based their scheduling recommendation on had been rescinded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The HHS reached out to the FDA, telling them that they got the science wrong and that Kratom being banned could put millions of people in danger.

Unfortunately, the FDA hid this information until it was too late. They kept this information to themselves while multiple states banned Kratom because of the FDA’s initial urge to schedule it. The FDA failed in their duty to act for their people, and to provide accurate and honest information to the public. Now, the AKA is at work with this Kratom petition to try and stop the spread of lies about Kratom from the FDA, and to overturn Kratom bans across the U.S.

Kratom Petition Text

Below is the full text of the actual Kratom petition to be sent to WebMD CEO Robert Brisco.

Sign Our Petition: Tell WebMD CEO to stop acting as an agent of the FDA in their attacks on kratom.

Please sign and share this petition today to tell WebMD CEO  Robert “Bob” Brisco to stop acting as an agent of the FDA in their attacks on kratom.


Re: WebMD, Medscape, MedicineNet, eMedicine, eMedicineHealth, RxList, & OnHealth Websites

Dear Mr. Brisco,

The American Kratom Association and the attached undersigned petitioners respectfully request that you direct your companies’ staff to stop all publishing and distribution of FDA directed material regarding Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom. We request your companies’ medically focused websites address the reality that millions of Americans are safely consuming kratom, share the ongoing scientific studies on kratom, and recognize that the Department of Health and Human Services has written that the FDA is wrong on kratom and more scientific research is required and of benefit to the public.

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told the DEA that the FDA was wrong about kratom and stated that if kratom was scheduled, it would put millions of Americans at risk of being forced back to more dangerous opioids to manage acute and chronic pain, and that would increase overdose deaths from opioids. However, the FDA has continued to spread misinformation about kratom and cannot be trusted as a credible source on kratom consumption. As a result, WebMD and its affiliated sites should not enter into any future MOUs or agreements with the FDA.

We again request that your companies’ medical websites, which impact the opinions of medical professionals and therefore the lives of millions of Americans, be responsible to the public and stop being an agent of the FDA’s misguided campaign against kratom. The American Kratom Association welcomes the opportunity to meet with your medical and editorial teams to properly inform them on kratom, and we have attached the letter sent from HHS regarding kratom for your review.  

If you would like to help the fight in Kratom advocacy, we urge you to head over to the AKA website and sign this Kratom petition.


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