Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

Many people are using Kratom for opiate withdrawal. There is so much information available about Kratom, but there’s a problem with it. The science on Kratom is very minimal. For that reason, most government and medical websites tout that Kratom is a dangerous substance. But, the facts are that science doesn’t know if it’s dangerous or helpful. There is more and more research happening, and it is promising. With Kratom, most of the evidence for its use is historical and anecdotal. Kratom has been in Asia for thousands of years as an herbal remedy for many ailments. Increasingly in the U.S., Kratom is helping people kick their opiate addiction. The state of the opioid epidemic in the U.S. is severe. Over 10 million people are misusing prescription drugs. Over 15 thousand people died from heroin use in 2019. This is a serious issue.

Statistics depicting the severity of the opioid epidemic in the U.S.. Why it is necessary for Kratom for opiate withdrawal.

Historical use of Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

For hundreds of years Kratom has been in Southeast Asia as a traditional medicine. Historically, Kratom has also been helpful to reduce the intensity and duration of opiate withdrawal symptoms (source). Consumers can be classified into two main groups: the first includes those who solely use Kratom to improve physical tolerance to laborious work and the second polydrug users who attempt to manage drug withdrawal symptoms or reduce the intake of other opiates like heroin. A recent study showed that out-of-treatment opiate users in Malaysia often use Kratom to reduce their dependence on illicit opiate as well as to ameliorate opiate withdrawal symptoms (source).

Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal Testimonials

Reddit is a great source for finding testimonials of Kratom users. The anecdotal evidence available online is overwhelmingly positive. There are thousands upon thousands of people who have taken the time to detail their addictions to opiates, and how Kratom has helped them overcome. We have chosen to include some longer testimonials because we believe its necessary to highlight the severity of this opiate epidemic. Also, how life changing people have found Kratom to be. When choosing which stories to include here, there was a theme in almost every one: Kratom saved my life.

Here are some of their stories:

Reddit User Tantalus4200

Almost 15 years, heroin, methadone, and the last 5 on suboxone w heavy heroin use… Suboxone is the worst. Suicide was better than that withdrawal. Overdosed a bunch. Tried all of the BS the VA gave me. Then, a fellow vet said to try Kratom. In 15 years the longest time clean I had was 9 days. Even on suboxone, I mentally wanted to keep shooting up.

With Kratom now, I’m good to go. The psychology of Kratom is weird in a good way. I don’t think about dope. Ever, anymore. It’s only been four weeks, but things are looking up.

Reddit User 602Zoo

“I used heroin for 10 years and tried everything I could to stop. I was a suboxone and methadone addict, after using them to stop heroin. Quitting both just got me right back where I started. I was reading online about home remedies not expecting much and came across a post on Kratom. I ordered an ounce of red bali not really thinking it would work but not having much to lose.

There’s no doubt in my mind I would still be slamming dope if it wasn’t for this plant.

From the first dose I was in shock. Not only at the level it brought down my physical withdrawal but also my anxiety level. It also gave me appetite and helped me sleep, in all reality it took like 90% of all my physical withdrawal symptoms. It also helps with the PAWS, which was always the hardest part to get over for me and I still deal with at times. I don’t like to use the term “miracle drug” but it was one of the greatest helps I could have asked for.

Kratom saved my life by getting me through the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I hadn’t experienced contentment without opiates in over a decade so I’m happy with where I am physically and mentally.

I have been clean almost 3 months now and although the desire to use is always there I’m able to stay strong. The fact kratom was almost banned while they prescribe things like methadone like its nothing is crazy to me. Subs and methadone were harder to stop than heroin. They always just put me back to square 1 when I was able to quit. Kratom has so many benefits that I have to tell other addicts to at least try it. That was my experience with Kratom and obviously I consider it a positive one. There’s no doubt in my mind I would still be slamming dope if it wasn’t for this plant.

CNN Video with Kratom Testimonials


Reddit User tryph3na

Was using norcos and tramadol the past 2 years for pain management though they weren’t much help. I found kratom back in November and within weeks I was completely free of both. The Kratom has helped my pain way better than the pain killers without the nasty side effects. Its not perfect but it has definitely changed my life.


Reddit User Thejohnmc963

I was an addict for many years . 51 now and I started at 18 years old. Went from many pills to heroin and everything in between. Been in rehab 4 times and almost died twice. I was in a methadone program a few times but I always used other drugs. Tried suboxone and exceeded recommended doses many many times. Withdrawals was a nightmare, days of no sleep and much physical agony.

Finally 4 years ago I tried Kratom and it was a godsend. I transitioned from my drugs to a regular kratom usage with NO withdrawals. I used an incredibly large amount of drugs and the question of my body having withdrawals was a given. Comparing heroin withdrawal with a supposed Kratom withdrawal is ludicrous. I was able to reconnect with my wife and children and find (and keep) a decent job. No relapse or further drug use. To ME it was a lifesaver and hope others can find this out as well

Reddit User Cricketsongs



I’ve been an addict to opiates for a little over 4 years. My addiction was the driving force behind my life completely disintegrating for at least 2 of those years.



Before it all fell apart, I was excelling as a grad student with a promising career in academia, was a published researcher, had a good job and a great credit score, traveled around the world for my research, and though it wasn’t perfect, I just generally had a lot of good in my life. And a lot to lose. I had some serious mental health problems that eventually lead me to the opiates (PTSD and chronic pain in particular, both from a violent sexual assault 4 years ago), but I am 110% sure that I would’ve recovered from that much sooner were it not for the addiction that followed. Within the space of 4 years (the last 2 in particular), everything fell apart.



The trauma and addiction left me penniless and unemployed/unemployable, contributed indirectly but significantly to my $60,000+ of debt, dropped my credit score as low as it can possibly get, forced me to drop out of grad school and to live in my parents’ loft, completely ruined three international research trips because of excruciating withdrawal, made me so apathetic/unmotivated that my cluttered bedroom has become practically uninhabitable (I haven’t even slept on my bed in months, as I cannot reach it), ruined my health and almost all of my personal relationships, landed me in the ER several times…and, worst by far, it drove me to make some decisions for which I can never forgive myself. Like lying to my parents to hide my relapse (though they know about it now that I’m clean).



having to live with that withdrawal for weeks/months at a time is easily the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I really thought that everything good in my life was behind me, and that my life was over.



I’d tried to quit several times, and was even clean for three months at one point, but the withdrawal was utter hell…and I always relapsed. During withdrawal, I’d go days without eating or drinking even a drop of water, unable to sleep and vomiting uncontrollably for weeks at a time. It got so bad that I was vomiting hard enough for so long that it actually forced part of my stomach to herniate into my throat (and it’s still there).



During the 3 brief months that I was clean last year, I was unable to keep down any solid food for the first month, and was only just starting to recover physically by month 3 when the pain and depression made me relapse. I’ve been through some truly terrible things in my life, but having to live with that withdrawal for weeks/months at a time is easily the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I really thought that everything good in my life was behind me, and that my life was over.



I was really just waiting around to die (and really wanted to die).



People had been recommending I try Kratom for a while, but my own circumstances had mostly rendered it too impractical. After trying absolutely everything else possible, though, and having reached the point where I was desperate enough to try one last-ditch effort with Kratom, I finally found a local head shop where they had a good variety of Kratom for reasonable prices.



I didn’t get any noticeable effect from the first couple strains/blends/brands that I tried, but stopped using opiates anyway and hoped (utterly unconvinced and preparing to give up on my very last chance of ever getting clean) that the impending withdrawal would be easier than usual. I was shocked when two full days rolled by without any opiates, and I had yet to feel a single symptom of withdrawal. It would usually begin after 24 hours without opiates, and would be unbearable within 36.



But as the days passed, the withdrawal didn’t feel anywhere near as painful or as desperate as usual, and I threw up only two or three times – as opposed to the constant, uncontrollable, LITERALLY gut-wrenching vomiting I’d normally do dozens of times every day during withdrawal. Eventually I got some Kratom that gave me some relief from my chronic pain (which, in the absence of opiates to help treat it, had started to return) and helped with the anxiety, panic attacks, and depression from my PTSD. And it even gave me just enough of a mood boost that I didn’t want to relapse.



For the first time in years, I stopped thinking about opiates altogether.



It wasn’t until I realized that 6 whole days had gone by and I’d yet to experience even a hint of withdrawal (I was feeling so normal, in fact, that time flew by and I actually forgot to keep counting after day 3 – which, to anyone familiar with really bad withdrawal, seems utterly impossible) that I actually started to think, albeit slowly, that things might actually get better. I still suspected that I was only delaying the inevitable with the Kratom, though, and that the opiate withdrawal would hit once I stopped taking it. But it was nice just to have a break.



I really can’t overstate the difference that this has made in my life or how grateful I am. It is not hyperbole to say that Kratom has saved my life.



At the beginning of the second week (day 8) I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t take any Kratom for just a day or so. I was full of worry about developing a new addiction. I was then fully expecting that the opiate withdrawal would hit me eventually and that I’d have to go back to the Kratom – or go back to the opiates. But nothing happened. Honestly, I couldn’t wrap my brain around that…because after a few days (also the 13th day without opiates), I started to realize that the withdrawal wasn’t going to hit me at all. I didn’t miss the opiates, I didn’t miss the Kratom, I just felt so unbelievably normal.



Still, I knew that I wasn’t totally in the clear. My mental and physical health is still a problem, and my life is still in ruins. But it has slowly occurred to me that it might actually be possible to fix those things. I might actually get the chance to move forward. And, man, that feeling of having hope, even though it started small…it felt so abrupt and so strange after 4 years of hell that it took me a little while to comprehend it. But it just gradually dawned on me: I was actually hopeful again. For the first time in 4 years.



I was totally done with the opiates and I hadn’t become addicted to something else in the process of quitting. I didn’t have any withdrawal, so I didn’t even feel tempted to relapse. I’m trying really hard not to make this sound trite or cliche…but I had completely given up, you know? On everything. I’d catch myself thinking “I wish I was dead” multiple times every single day. I frequently had realistic suicidal ideations – and what terrifies me most about that, looking back, is that the suicidal thoughts had even stopped scaring me.



I was just so ready to be done. The thought of dying scared me far less than the idea of living in that awfulness for even a month longer. Had it not been for my parents, and the fact that I still couldn’t bring myself to hurt them more than I already had, I definitely would have been capable of killing myself. Emotionally, I was already dead.



It’s been just over 3 months since I stopped taking opiates, and I barely use kratom. Really, I don’t even think about relapsing (which has been an immediate and constant fixation every other time I’ve briefly gotten clean). I was so ecstatic (and still a little unbelieving, tbh) when I suddenly found myself daydreaming, the other day, about getting a job, going back to school, traveling again. I hadn’t been able to do any of that, or even consider doing any of that, in years.



I’ve actually started feeling like myself again, too – my old self, the person that disappeared 4 years ago, the version of myself that I missed every day, that I really didn’t think would ever come back. I’ve started doing things again that I used to enjoy, things that mattered to me years ago that I’d completely lost interest in doing. Like sculpting, drawing, writing; even just reading comics.



It just feels really good to be acting like myself again. This is already 100% different from every other time I’ve tried to quit. I’d tried everything, had tried so many times, that I am absolutely certain that nothing else could have pulled me out of that hell. I was dying.



I really can’t overstate the difference that this has made in my life or how grateful I am. It is not hyperbole to say that Kratom has saved my life.

Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal Conclusion

Some of the stories presented here are hard. But, they are here purposefully. Opiate addiction is not a joke, and we want to impress how much Kratom for opiate withdrawal has helped people. This substance is changing people’s lives, making them want to live again, and renewing their hope of normalcy. Please contact us if you or someone you know is struggling with opiate addiction and are curious about Kratom. For more information, click the button below to peruse our Ultimate Guide to Kratom.

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