Kratom for Migraines: Ease your Symptoms!


Migraines are a recurring type of headache. They are often accompanied by side effects that can interfere with your daily activities. Such as, chronic fatigue, pain, and nausea. More and more people are finding out that taking Kratom for migraines helps fight these symptoms.

What is a Migraine?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head. It’s often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks can last for hours to days, and the pain can be so severe that it interferes with your daily activities.”

Migraines can occur at different intensities, some of which can be debilitating. In fact, it is not unheard of for a migraines effects to span days. Further, these are days spent in intense pain and sensitivity. Migraines can really put a halt on people’s lives.

Many people turn to prescription drugs to help control their migraines. Unfortunately, many people find themselves on a whole host of harsh medications that are also rough on the body. However, a safer, organic, botanical alternative exists.

How can Kratom help for Migraines?

kratom for migraines

Taking Kratom for migraines can offer you relief in a few ways. Particularly, Kratom relieves pain. People take Kratom to relieve chronic pain from a whole host of conditions, including migraines. Users report that Kratom can help to reduce, or even eliminate, the pain from their frequent migraines. Additionally, Kratom can help to give its users energy. Chronic fatigue is not uncommon among migraine sufferers. Kratom can help to boost your day to be productive and focused.

However, Kratom is very dose dependent. So, while white Kratom strains provide the more uplifting effects for daytime; red Kratom strains can be very sedative, as well as pain relieving. Therefore, Kratom can also help with the trouble sleeping that attributes to chronic fatigue, as well.

Is it Safe to take Kratom for Migraines?

Kratom is known to have pain relieving properties similar to opiate painkillers. However, Kratom is not an opiate. It is a dried leaf from a tree in the coffee family. It is an an entirely natural and organic plant material. Kratom is a much safer alternative to opiates. Opiates can cause fatal respiratory distress, and the numbers are on the rise; every day 128 people in the US die from an opiate overdose. Kratom does not cause respiratory distress. Kratom is also not addictive in the way that opiates are, and does not cause the harsh withdrawals associated with opioid use.

User Testimonials

“I have chronic migraine and always have some level of headache pain. When Kratom kicks in, my pain level decreases. For me, the pain never goes away completely (no matter what drug I take), but it can knock my pain level down a few notches.” –Katie Golden

“I started taking it for chronic migraine. I wouldn’t say it helped immediately, it didn’t. It didn’t work like a Fioricet. It took the pain down a bit and improved my mood so I started taking a small dose twice per day. What I have found is that over time, a year and a half, the kratom seems to have calmed my whole nervous system down enough so that the migraine has naturally relaxed enough so that I once again have a life.” -Reddit user u/WhatsGnuPussycat

“I’m a daily user of red maeng da for chronic migraines and it really does help. Been a life saver. I have tried everything at my doctors from meds to procedures and in the end I got the most relief from [Kratom].” -Reddit user u/Mrs3anw

“I second this. I’ve been on injections and migraine medication for about ten years. A year ago I found Kratom and it’s been a lifesaver.” -Reddit user u/hailyourselfie

Specific Kratom for Migraines

There are three different color strains of Kratom: red, green, and white. If you are looking for something to get you through the day pain free, without making you drowsy, a white strain is the way to go. In fact, customers have described white strains as similar to a cup of coffee in the morning. If you’re looking for something sleepier, red strains are a good option. In higher doses, red Kratom strains have sedative effects. So, if you’re looking for pain relief and sleep, we recommend something like our red maeng da!


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