Kratom Consumer Council: Critical Action in 2021

Recently, the American Kratom Association (AKA) has come out with a new initiative in Kratom advocacy: the Kratom Consumer Council (KCC). What is the Kratom Consumer Council? What is it for? And how are they advocating for Kratom in a new way? Read on to find out more.

What is the Kratom Consumer Council?

The Kratom Consumer Council was started by the AKA as an effort to continue the passing of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) in the United States. This council is made up of volunteers, and you can apply to become one here. Basically, the AKA is looking for volunteers from each congressional district in the country to “captain” efforts in contacting state representatives to talk about Kratom. Ideally, these volunteers will be able to schedule meetings with their representatives, and bring them true and unbiased information about Kratom, Kratom bans, and the real facts. If all goes well, this will be influential in the continuation of passing the KCPA.

Why is the KCPA so Important?

The KCPA, Kratom Consumer Protection Act, is an instrumental tool in creating a safe marketplace for Kratom. This act puts in place rules and systems to keep Kratom clean, organic, and unadulterated. While there are dangerous health reports associated with Kratom, these are all due to use of altered and unsafe Kratom products. Once the KCPA is enacted in states, it ensures that Kratom is tested for purity and original potency before being sold to the public. This ensures that consumers can confidently purchase safe Kratom, and that states can confidently keep Kratom legal, being assured of its safety.

Information From the KCC

When a member of the KCC does get a meeting with a congressional representative there are a standard set of materials and talking points to follow provided by the AKA. These are publicly available on the AKA website, and the steps that KCC members must follow are laid out below.


The Kratom Consumer Council is a fantastic grassroots effort started by the AKA to continue moving forward with the KCPA in the United States. The KCPA is a very important piece of legislation created by the AKA that, once passed in a state, ensures that Kratom products available to the public are safe and free from contamination. If you feel passionate about Kratom advocacy and are inclined to get involved, visit the AKA website to learn more and become a part of the effort.

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