Kratom Calories: Could Kratom be Damaging your Diet?

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If you’re someone who counts calories and takes Kratom, you may have wondered about Kratom calories. For people who stick to rigorous diets, the little things count too. So, does Kratom have calories? What about the other nutritional content? Read on to learn more.

Kratom Calories

As we’ve mentioned around our blogs before, Kratom, unfortunately, has a lack of scientific study. Fortunately, as Kratom popularity rises and more states jump in on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, more and more research is being done on Kratom all the time. However, the science and testing about Kratom calories is, well, minimal. In fact, we couldn’t find any scholarly evidence to back any claims about the calorie content of Kratom.

Like many other aspects of Kratom, until the science catches up, we’ll have to rely on user experiences and anecdotes to come to a conclusion here. A quick search results in a page from My Fitness Pal, a calorie counting tool, which says 1ml (equal to 1 gram) has zero calories, carbs, fat, or protein. However, another site claims that 2 grams of Kratom contains roughly 7.4 calories. This, even, is a negligible amount of calories for most people.

A quick search through the forum website, Reddit, turned up a host of people with dieting and calorie counting experience. These people shared how Kratom affected them in relation to calories; one user said “I’ve counted calories for over a year now, and have lost 115lbs and never factored Kratom into my intake. So my advice is don’t worry about the calorie content.” Another user wrote “I have counted calories both off and on Kratom and I didn’t notice any significant difference.”

What about Other Nutritional Facts?

People on these Reddit forums had more to say about the other nutritional elements of Kratom, as well. And, to be honest, what some of them said makes a lot of sense to us. One commenter had to say about the carbohydrate content of Kratom: “It’s a plant, but probably mostly indigestible fiber. Similar to eating the leaf of any other plant. I don’t think you need to worry about it – the unlikely worst case is that it’s all digestible carbs, and costs you 4 calories per gram. So if you eat 5g/day, that’s 20 calories/day.” After all, Kratom is just a dried and ground natural leaf, so comparing its nutrition facts to those of similar plants makes sense.

Iron Levels

During my reading through people’s experiences with Kratom and their thoughts on nutrition, I ran into a couple of comments I thought were worth notice. On one side, this website says that Kratom contains quite high levels of iron. They state “the only source of any concern in the Kratom nutritional profile would be from the iron content, which could grow to questionable levels at daily doses of >16g, especially in men.”

However, after another search through Reddit to find genuine user experiences with Kratom and iron levels, I found that some people experience quite the opposite. There were a handful of results from people with concerns about Kratom actually causing low iron levels, and resulting in anemia. These posts urged users to keep up monitoring your body levels with your doctor. And while we don’t know for sure that Kratom has any significant effect on human iron levels, keeping up with your doctor on what you’re putting in your body is always wise, and what we recommend.


Well, we know that none of that was any concrete evidence about Kratom calories. But, that’s because there isn’t any concrete evidence out there, yet. However, personal anecdotes show that Kratom probably has a fairly negligible nutritional profile. That being said, some people have expressed concern that Kratom could effect iron levels.

If you are looking to follow a strict nutritional program, or are noticing changes or unusual symptoms in your body we urge you to consult your physician about your lifestyle and any supplements you may be taking, including Kratom.

To learn more about Kratom, take a look around our blog to read more, contact us with any comments or questions, and, as always, visit our store when you’re ready to buy some top quality Kratom products.


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