Top Helpful Health Kratom Benefits [Updated 2022]


There is a long list of Kratom benefits, and this is why it has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Kratom can treat symptoms related to a myriad of ailments. Users report Kratom to be useful for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Additionally, different Kratom strains and doses can produce energy and mood boosting effects. Kratom acts in two main ways. First, although it is not an opiate, it does mimic opiate reception in the body. And second, it has the ability to lessen your perception of pain.

Read on to learn more about Kratom’s specific benefits, and user experiences with this botanical.

Benefit #1: Kratom for Pain Relief

Probably the most important of the Kratom benefits is its pain relieving properties. Kratom helps to relieve pain because it blocks receptors in the brain that perceive pain. This means your brain just doesn’t notice pain quite as much on Kratom. Most Kratom users are using it to treat their pain.

We think the best proof of Kratom’s effectiveness at treating pain is our user’s own reviews!

Gretchen describes how Kratom benefits her life

“Kratom helps me deal with the pain I have from two knee replacements. I’ve had trouble with prescribed opioids in the past because they are highly addictive. I find that Kratom lasts longer, is more effective, and is much safer for me.” -Gretchen

“Even after a broken back and shattered pelvis, Kratom is STILL able to help me! I take it daily to relive my chronic back pain and help with stress relief.” – Dakota

Chad describes how Kratom benefits his life.

“Kratom has truly changed my life. I broke my back and herniated 5 discs in my back in a fall down a mountain when I was in the Army. My injuries started to keep me from my love of fitness. I took pain pills to get by but they made me feel like I was doing everything in a fog.

They are also not conducive to a healthy lifestyle not to mention, very addictive. I first learned about kratom a few years ago. I tried it but still had to use pain pills. Then I found Kratom Capital. Because of the quality of Matt’s product I don’t need the pain pills anymore. I’m also able to do the things I love again and not have to sit days out because of pain.” -Chad

Benefit #2: Kratom to Improve Focus

Acetylcholine chemical makeup

Next on the list of Kratom benefits is the focusing effects. Students report that taking Kratom improves their ability to study for longer periods of time and retain information better. The reason that Kratom functions in this way is because of something called Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an organic chemical that your brain uses to send signals. The signals that this chemical controls play a role in memory and learning. When using Kratom, your brain releases this compound. Thus, increasing your capacity for memory and learning.

Benefit #3: Kratom to Boost Energy

Kratom, in the right doses, can produce steady boosts for your energy levels. The effects are comparable to coffee, but without the harsh stimulant feelings. Some customers take a stronger dose when they wake up for great morning energy. Other users prefer doses of strains that pack less of a punch, but will offer a smoother, longer lasting energy boost.

John describes how Kratom benefits his life.

“Kratom helps me “I work 12 hour days and Kratom gives me the energy to get through the day without getting tired so I can go home and take care of my baby boy. Plus it’s a healthier alternative to sodas and Red Bull” -John

Benefit #4: Anxiety Relief and Mood Boosting

Another great Kratom benefit users report is great boosts in mood and general outlook on life. Some users find Kratom helpful for relieving social anxiety, as well. Kratom is great for a night out. It helps you to be sociable, relax, and be in a great mood, without keeping you up all night or making you feel hungover the next day.

These effects are caused because of how Kratom reacts with your brain similarly to an opiate. This is because of the compound mitragynine, which binds to receptors in your brain responsible for mood regulation.

Benefit #5: Addiction Relief

Kratom functions to help those who have suffered with addiction to opioids. This works because Kratom binds to opiate receptor sites, but in a much milder way. Kratom creates similar sensations, but none of the comedown. Because of this, many users find Kratom helpful to ease their withdrawal symptoms. Kratom has been effective for tons of users at helping them kick their opioid habits for good.

“Kratom Capital provides a healthy organic alternative to big pharma. The only alternative to the Methadone/Suboxone program. It’s changed my life for the better in so many ways.” -Matthew

“I started using pain pills off the street which then led to using harder stuff. I had a hard time quiting until I found a good source of Kratom. I’ve been a lot healthier and happier since finding Kratom.” -Jacob


Kratom has tons of uses, and every user experiences their own set of personal Kratom benefits. Kratom helps tons of people to live their lives without hindrance by pain, anxiety, depression, and addiction. We still think the best proof for Kratom is the words of the people who love it. You can visit this website from the American Kratom Association to listen and watch testimonial videos of Kratom benefits improving people’s lives. You’ll find story after story of Kratom making lives possible again.

Has Kratom improved your life? Leave us a comment below and tell us about your favorite Kratom benefit!


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  1. It was so interesting to learn that Kratom can be used as a pain reliever since it blocks the pain receptors in the brain. I am suffering from chronic pain in the joints of my hands so I’m looking for a natural pain reliever to help me. This sounds like a good idea so I’m going to research where I can buy Kratom capsules to help me alleviate the discomfort.

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