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Is Kratom Safe in 2020?

One of the first questions curious potential Kratom users ask is: “Is Kratom safe in 2020?”  There are a lot of opinions on the answer to that question. According to the FDA, Kratom safety is debatable because they have not been able to perform clinical testing. But ask thousands of Kratom users who have benefitted from it for years, and the answer will be quite different. Kratom has helped people with pain management, depression, anxiety, and even withdrawal from prescription opioids. So, despite the official viewpoint, thousands of users credit Kratom with changing their lives. Here are some reasons why Kratom is safer now. 

There Is an Abundance of Information Online That Can Help Answer Whether Kratom Is Safe

The internet and Google, specifically, provide viable answers to pretty much any question. Suppose a researcher puts “Kratom” in the search box, over five million results display. It may take time for someone to browse through some of that, but it is vitally important. The research will provide crucial introductory facts for a Kratom newbie and help with deciding whether Kratom is a safe option for you. 

Look for blogs, forums, and reviews that offer consistent advice. These details are primarily about the types of Kratom, such as red, white or green veins, and their geographical origin. Read about benefits and possible side effects. You will learn the ways that Kratom gets packaged and how people take it.

One of the best forum sites is called and it is dedicated completely to Kratom. It provides information on different strains of Kratom, how they work, and how to take it.  The website also has feedback from experienced Kratom users.

The site for the latest legal information is an advocacy group called the American Kratom Association. It provides the latest news about Kratom, primarily legislative updates. Most importantly, it established an initiative called the “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program”, an auditing project that approves vendors’ manufacturing and processing standards for Kratom. A vendor who achieves approval status and who maintains it is a trustworthy seller.

Kratom User Experiences Are Well-Documented

It is easy to find opinions on Kratom sellers and usage experiences through reviews on or on forum sites such as and The testimonials of Kratom users is a great way to assess the safety of Kratom.

On, despite the fact that the website does not recommend Kratom use, the “User Reviews & Ratings” section for Kratom shows a satisfaction score of 4.85 out of 5.00 for Kratom. Many users’ reviews are in-depth discussions of their backgrounds and experiences and much insight can be gained by reading these.

Reddit is a well-known forum and has a community of Kratom enthusiasts. It has several “subreddits” dedicated to Kratom and plenty of information about strains and dosages. is a dedicated Kratom website that has a popular forum covering Kratom’s uses as well as reviews of many of the vendors. It also has a vendor approval program.

Competition Has Contributed to Kratom Safety

Kratom is safer now in 2020 than it has ever been.  Because of the increasing awareness of and use of Kratom as a remedy for pain and depression, the competition in the Kratom market has grown quickly. That doesn’t mean that Kratom users can buy from just anyone, but consumers are a valued commodity for sellers who want to develop a long-term relationship. Competition creates responsible sellers, so this is a good time to try Kratom. 

Reputable Kratom vendors have developed solid relationships with wholesalers, and the products they sell get tested for purity. These companies on either the website or the packaging. Because of those practices, these types of vendors have good reviews, offer a wide variety of products, and have excellent advice on their websites. 

The American Kratom Association’s GMP Standards Program for vendors is an additional source for finding good Kratom vendors. 

Is Kratom Safe in 2020 Conclusion

A final bit of advice: anyone can say anything online, so the buyer has to take on the responsibility of doing research. Educating yourself about Kratom and where you get it from is the best way to ensure that you’re buying safe Kratom in 2020.

As always, if you have any questions head over to our contact page and let us know, and when you’re ready to purchase top quality Kratom products, visit our shop!

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