Kratom Chocolate: Will It Mask the Kratom Flavor?

matcha and chocolate
Kratom chocolate

If you’ve ever used kratom before, you know the flavor is… earthy — bitter, even. Many people try to mask the flavor with things like orange juice, or even just pinching their nose and chugging. But a new method is gaining popularity in a form most of us know and love — kratom chocolate.

Our customers have told us about several ways of enjoying this sweet treat alongside their kratom dose; folks are pairing kratom with chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and even daring to create their own kratom chocolate bars!

The real question, though — will it really mask the flavor of the kratom?

Mixing Chocolate and Kratom

Unfortunately, we can’t really tell you if chocolate will mask the flavor of kratom. However, we can tell you that a lot of our customers like it! While some people prefer to ‘toss-n-wash’ (meaning to put powdered kratom directly on the tongue, and then wash it down with a liquid), many of our customers prefer to mix their kratom with a liquid of choice.

To try this out in terms of chocolate, simply mix your preferred dose into the chocolate liquid of your choice. Maybe chocolate milk in the morning, and a cup of hot cocoa at night? The choice is yours! Many of our customers find that chocolate’s sweetness really masks the more bitter, earthier tones of the kratom.

While the chocolate is a great way to hide the flavor of kratom, some of our customers find they just like the combination! By mixing the two, you get to reap the benefits of kratom consumption and enjoy some chocolate at the same time.

Is It a Safe Combination?

There is no evidence to suggest that mixing your daily kratom dose and chocolate would be unsafe. In fact, some people believe that the health benefits of chocolate may be beneficial to this mix.

Cocoa contains compounds that prevent inflammation and cell damage, decrease ‘bad’ cholesterol, increase ‘good’ cholesterol, and function as an antibiotic, among other benefits. These benefits, plus the caffeine found in cocoa, are thought to be a wonderful match for kratom.

Making Your Own

If you don’t want to try this combination in liquid form, consider making your own chocolate bars! Well, they don’t really need to be bars, per se — they could be whatever shape you want with silicone molds.

A quick youtube search for “coconut oil chocolate” yields tons of results for making your own candies at home! Follow the instructions for the recipe that tickles your fancy, and simply add your kratom powder to the melted ingredients before pouring into a mold and allowing to set.

Pro tip: use a mesh strainer to ensure your kratom powder is clump-free and your candies turn out smooth as silk!

Kratom & Chocolate — Kratom Capital Approved!

The verdict is clear for us at Kratom Capital! We like kratom, we like chocolate, and we love them together! If you try out any of these yummy combinations, let us know what you think!

At Kratom Capital, we’ve got a variety of kratom products available — red, white, green, and yellow strains in powder or capsule form. Our kratom powder is sourced from the best suppliers globally and has been laboratory tested for quality and safety.


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