CBD Flower Health Benefits

CBD flower has many health benefits that keep people coming back. From getting a better night’s sleep to enjoying social outings, CBD flower can be quite helpful. In this blog, we’re discussing the details of CBD and what CBD flower health benefits you could be taking advantage of. Check out our premium selection of CBD […]

Delta 8 Texas: Is It Legal?

Is Delta 8 legal in Texas? If you’ve been a bit confused on the subject, you’re not alone. Hemp was legalized in Texas in 2019. However, cannabis was not legalized. This law has led to confusion about which cannabis and cannabis/hemp-derived products are permitted in the state. Cannabis products are still very much illegal in […]

What Is Kratom Tea Good For?

If you’ve never had Kratom tea, you may be wondering what is Kratom tea good for. There are many reasons that kratom tea could benefit you. One of the top reasons is using Kratom tea for pain. Other uses include feeling energized and focused, calming anxiety, and getting a good night’s sleep. We know, some […]

Delta 8 Edibles: What they Are & Where To Get the Best

If you’re on the hunt for delta 8 edibles, you’re in the right place! Here at The Kratom Capital, our delta 8 edibles are a customer favorite. In this blog, we’re talking about what exactly delta 8 is, how it makes its way into edibles, and where you can get some of your own. Ready […]

Kratom Color Chart

The History of Kratom blog post Featured Image

You’ve probably noticed that Kratom comes in a ton of different varieties. However, there are a few Kratom colors that are on every label. But, what do they mean? The Kratom colors are different from one another in how they are produced and the effects that they have. We’ve created a Kratom color chart to […]

Is Kratom an Opiate?

Kratom and CBD online

If you’ve ever done research on Kratom, you’re familiar with some of the negative viewpoints on the supplement from government agencies and the like. You may have wondered is Kratom an opiate from the fear-mongering way some sources talk about this organic botanical. Rest assured: Kratom is not an opiate. Keep reading to learn about […]

Does Kratom Get You High?

New to Kratom and wondering does Kratom get you high? We’re exploring Kratom’s effects and how you can expect to feel while using this natural remedy. Spoiler alert: Kratom does not get you high. There is a lot of fear-mongering on the surface surrounding this botanical aid. We’ll get into the details of why that […]

Kratom Powder vs Extract

You may have heard of Kratom extract if you’re a Kratom user. If you’re wondering about the differences between Kratom powder vs extract, this post is for you! Here at The Kratom Capital, we want to ensure our customers are knowledgeable about the products they consume. Additionally, we’re always looking out for customer safety. It […]

What Does Kratom Feel Like?

Kratom and CBD online

If you’re new to kratom, you may be wondering what does kratom feel like? This is a valid question, especially if you’ve read any of the nonsense from the FDA on the subject of kratom. Most people looking to use kratom want to take advantage of its pain-relieving effects, not find some opiate-like high that […]

Maeng Da Kratom: Info, Dosage, & Effects

Whether you’re a seasoned Kratom connoisseur or you’re just doing preliminary research, you’ve no doubt heard of Maeng Da Kratom. As an all-time favorite of customers around the world, this strain of Kratom has quite the following. But, Maeng Da Kratom isn’t actually a strain itself… so what’s all the hype? What does Maeng Da […]