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As a Kratom fan, you have probably thought a time or two about wanting to buy a Kratom plant. Since there is a lot to learn, you may need some help before you take the plunge. Obviously, buying a plant requires finding a reliable seller and a good price. But to actually grow a Kratom plant, it’s crucial to have the right growing conditions; like good soil, plenty of sun and generous amounts of water. And don’t forget, there’s the financial commitment to think about.

Where do I Buy a Kratom Plant?

Although you can find sellers universally over the internet, you may have to experiment a few times to find Kratom plant vendors you can count on and whom you can trust to sell you a healthy plant. That’s why checking reviews and prices before you buy a Kratom plant is another important step.

It goes without saying that you have to make sure it’s legal in your area to grow Kratom. Just Google your city or state adding “agricultural laws” or your state + “agriculture.” You may need to search through quite a few web sites, but you’ll get there.
Most sellers recommend buying a partially grown plant instead of seeds because seeds are so fragile. After they are harvested, Kratom seeds usually have to be planted within a couple of days or you will lose them. That’s why most sellers recommend you buy a cutting that you root yourself or a seedling that comes planted.

When considering purchasing a Kratom plant, there are quite a few sites out there to consider. One source for Kratom plants and seeds is called My Trees of Life and it has a ton of information about how to take care of plants, from seedling to tree. Another good site is Mitra Science and they, too, have guidance about how to take care of your Kratom plant. Further, read this article about growing Kratom plants from a seed.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to plant Kratom outside in the ground or you may need to grow it in a pot. Either way, you’ll have to provide all the right ingredients for your plant, like good soil, light and water.

Buy Soil for your Kratom Plant

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Kratom is a picky plant. There’s a reason it only grows wild in the most fertile and tropical countries, and nowhere else. Particularly, Kratom plants need acidic soil with a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 (Anything under 7.0 is acidic.). Prepare your soil by adding “amendments,” which are just additives, if you intend to put your Kratom plant outside. After measuring the pH of your soil, you can buy the additives you need at any garden store.

Your soil should have good “crumb,” which is a feature of soil that causes it to fall apart, or crumble, in your fingers. Soil amendments can help improve the texture of your soil and prepare it for planting.

However, if you are going to buy a Kratom plant that is potted, you’ll need to transplant it very carefully to a large pot and use high-grade organic potting soil, which already has nutrients. By using potting soil there’s no need to fertilize for a few weeks. Check the instructions to see what the exact recommendations are.

Sunlight and Humidity For Kratom Plants

Although they may be more of a challenge to provide, Kratom plants like sunlight, warmth and high humidity. Since Kratom needs more lighting than your average indoor plant, you will have to decide whether to use natural light or artificial light. You can purchase an artificial light, called a grow lamp, for a price of $40 to $300, depending on your needs.

Kratom plants thrive in temperatures of 60 degrees or more and the warmth source should provide them a near constant temperature. Therefore, some of the challenges may be keeping them warm in the winter, even as they get older and taller. Since, they can reach heights of 15 feet or more. Also, they prefer a light breeze to develop the proper alkaloids.

Watering Your Kratom Plant

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Your new plant has very particular water requirements and if you want to be successful at growing Kratom, don’t be stingy with the water. Once you buy a Kratom plant you must ensure it has with good drainage and constant water. However, you can’t keep it so wet that the soil and leaves develop fungus. It will be a delicate balance.

It helps your watering regimen if you have a schedule and keep track of it. You may start seeing problems if you can’t keep the seedling at the proper water level.

Adding Fertilizer for Healthy Plants

Every plant loves plant food and that’s all fertilizer is. Because plants thrive when they are well fed, it’s vital to buy a bag of good all-purpose plant food. Many Kratom farmers recommend just using organic fertilizer which contains interesting things like earthworm castings, bat guano and fish emulsion. Feeding the plant about once a week will give you a Kratom plant with lush foliage and healthy leaves.

Another way to get recommendations for fertilizer is to visit the Reddit group called The Kratom Garden. Members discuss growing techniques, weather, fertilizer and any other subjects that are Kratom-related.

Preventing Disease and Bug Infestation

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After you buy a kratom plant, one of your top priorities should always be to prevent disease and keep the bugs away. This can be done safely by treating leaves with a natural solution instead of an artificial pesticide, according to You can deter bugs from attacking your Kratom plants by spraying Neem oil, Sesame oil or pepper spray, to name a few substances. Additionally, the site where you buy your plant should be able to provide additional information to help protect your plants.

As far as mold problems go, just make sure your plants have good drainage and good ventilation. Moreover, providing fresh air will keep the leaves from getting too damp and will help them develop healthier foliage.


You have a basic understanding of labor and setup requirements for buying and growing your Kratom plant, so here is an estimate of the financial outlay:

One Kratom plant or cutting.$60.00
One large bag of potting soil, 25-quart sized$10.00
One bag of plant food ?$10.00
One grow lamp – medium sized$100.00
Natural pesticides for bug prevention$10.00
Water, monthly$20.00
TOTAL (At a minimum)$210.00

This total is a very–very– general estimate. So, think of it as the minimum amount of money you might spend to buy a Kratom plant, and raise it properly.

Whatever you end up with–whether a success or failure–keep a record of your experiences and pass the information along using social media. Particularly, be generous with it to help others learn and to encourage them to try their hands buying and growing Kratom plants.

And of course, if taking on a Kratom growing hobby seems like too much to handle, visit our shop to buy an easy supply!


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