Best Red Kratom: Pain Relief & More


Looking for the best red Kratom strains? Look no further! We’re breaking down which red Kratom strains to try, and how they could benefit you.

Kratom is a member of the coffee plant family and is useful for its therapeutic properties. In fact, there are four different color strains of Kratom: red, green, white, and yellow. Further, each strain has its own properties, with a different blend of alkaloids to produce different effects. To read about how and why Kratom has different color veins, check out this blog with more details.

Best Red Kratom

best red Kratom

Red Kratom is hands down our best selling color vein. This Kratom color has a reputation for strong pain relieving properties. Further, this is the color vein lots of people turn to for relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms. Red strains also often have sedative qualities in higher doses. For this reason, many people suffering with insomnia find a red strain helpful.

So, which red vein Kratom is right for you? Let’s take a look at our top three strains.

Red Bali

This is a super potent and sedative Bali Kratom powder that does not get its name from where it is grown, as many other strains do. In fact, “Red Bali” is actually a name given by traders who shipped Kratom from the port of Bali, in Indonesia. If you’re looking for something to help unwind after work, and get you in the mood for a restful night of sleep, this might be the strain for you!

Red Malay

Our Red Malay is a very effective weapon against pain and anxiety! It is one of the most potent and sedative strains we offer, and its quality is nearly unmatched by any other strain. We highly recommend this for people who experience chronic pain.

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is a particularly potent strain of Kratom. In fact, Maeng Da is a clever name meaning “pimp grade” in Thai! This name was given to the strain for its amazing effects. If you’re looking for a potent pain reliever, this might be the strain for you!

Best Red Kratom Conclusion

Red vein Kratom can be a useful tool for many people experiencing chronic pain. We’ve heard the stories from our customers about how this vein is helping them heal and changing their lives. Further, red vein Kratom is a major helper with those suffering with opiate withdrawal.

Here at Kratom Capital, our staff members are extremely knowledgeable about the high quality Kratom we carry. Get in touch with us so we can help you find the right strain for your particular needs, or find more information on our blog. As always, head to our store when you’re ready to purchase top quality Kratom! 


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