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A Common Question

best Kratom for pain

Customers frequently ask what is the best kratom for pain? With a variety of different strains and colors of kratom to choose from, this is a good question. Luckily, we have a good answer for you! The short answer: red and green veins will be your best pain relief options. Between these, the red vein is more sedative in higher doses, and the green vein will provide more energy. Keep reading to learn more specifically about kratom strains and how they can help manage your pain.

Top 3 Red Kratom Strains for Pain

What is the best kratom for pain? I’ll start with some feedback we receive from our customers who purchase our kratom specifically for pain-relieving effects.

Super Red Maeng Da

This Kratom is the number one choice from most of our customers who are in search of pain relief. Grown and harvested in Southeast Asia, this strain’s effects are long-lasting and solid. This natural medicine is perfect for those of you seeking relief from chronic pain. There are several different sites that list Red Maeng Da as the best strain for pain.

Red Bali

This Kratom is another really popular strain for pain relief from Indonesia. If you decide on this strain, we don’t recommend it for use during work or activities as it produces a sedative effect. However, this strain used in the evening hours or times of inactivity provides pain relief and relaxation.

Red Sumatra

This Kratom is a strain for relaxing. If you are suffering from chronic pain this could be the perfect strain for you. Its effects will generally take effect within an hour. Again, we offer a caution with the red color veins, as too high of a dose can cause energy loss and drowsiness. But, overall, Red Sumatra is one of the best strains to manage your pain.

Top 3 Green Kratom Strains for Pain

Green Horn

This Kratom is by far one of the best green strains for pain and energy. It is typically grown and harvested in the region called Borneo Indonesia. Green Horn is fast acting and helps with depression and motivation for some. We have several customers who purchase this strain to help maintain being on their feet all day long. If you’re in need of a boost to keep you moving through your day, I suggest giving Green Horn a try.

Super Green Maeng Da

This Kratom is a great strain for a pain-free energetic boost & mood lifting natural medicine to start a busy day off with. We deal with customers daily that swear by this strain to be able to start their days off productively. Customers report that this strain is fast acting like Green Horn, some even say it has a longer lasting effect. However, every person’s tolerance is different, so you’ll have to see for yourself how this strain can help you.

Green Malay

This Kratom is a fast acting green that is harvested from the region of Malaysia. Like the previous greens mentioned, Green Malay helps with pain relief while still providing an energy boost. Notably, customers also report the strain’s help with improving their focus. Green Malay is a great strain to kick-start your busy day with.

Best Kratom for Pain Concusion

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All strains of kratom will relieve pain. But, the best vein color for pain relief is a red vein, by far. And in small doses, red vein kratom will still give you a small energy boost. However, the higher doses can cause drowsiness. So, if you’re using kratom for pain relief and still need to function, like most of us, green veins are a wonderful daytime option. 

So, to sum it all up, the best red strains for pain are Red Maeng Da, Red Bali & Red Sumatra. The best Green strains for pain are Green Horn, Super Green Maeng da & Green Malay. Taking green strains throughout the day is effective for maintaining activities, and red strains will offer you a relaxing and peaceful evening.

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