Best Green Kratom: Strains to Try

best green kratom

Looking for the best green Kratom strains? Look no further! We’re breaking down which green Kratom strains to try, and how they could benefit you.

Kratom is a member of the coffee plant family and is used for its therapeutic properties. There are four different color strains of Kratom: red, green, white, and yellow. Further, each strain has its own properties, with a different blend of alkaloids to produce different effects. To read about how and why Kratom has different color veins, check out this blog with more details.

Best Green Kratom

Green strains provide both relaxation and stimulating effects, and have a bounty of alkaloids. Green strains are great for beginners, as it is the more mild color vein. However, the green also provides a plethora of benefits, and is beneficial for the experienced Kratom user, as well. Further, for those suffering with anxiety or mild chronic pain, green strains can be effective for easing these daily struggles.

Continue reading to learn about which green strains can help you with energy, mood, pain, anxiety, and stress.  

Green Bali

Green Bali is a strain not actually from Bali, but rather named by traders shipping Kratom from the port of Bali in Indonesia. This strain is a hybrid; a cross between Green Borneo, and Green Sumatra. Both of its parent strains are relatively potent, but the hybrid Green Bali goes a step further when it comes to potency. This Kratom has a very notable pain-killing effect, that even rivals one of the most powerful green strains, Green Maeng-Da! Green Bali Kratom can provide users with euphoric, balanced, and peaceful effects. As a result, the general view of the green vein is that it has the most balanced, mild results out of the different color veins.

Green Malay

Our Green Malay Kratom Kratom has long been one of our favorite, most all-around versatile strains of green Kratom. Green Malay grows in Malaysia, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. In fact, the people of Malaysia have been using this leaf for centuries, taking advantage of its numerous fantastic qualities. What qualities might those be? Well, this particular strain actually has what might be considered a perfect balance of effects. The pain relief it gives has been said to be wonderful. The same is also said, equally, of its abilities to increase your focus, and elevate your mood- all at the same time!

Green Maeng Da

Potent, Very Uplifting, and Euphoric. Something of a house favorite, Green Maeng-Da is considered to be the most desirable strain from Thailand. From what we’ve heard from our customers, our Green Maeng-Da kratom capsules will make your days much easier to dive into! It is comparable to the effect of coffee, without the harsh stimulant feelings.This strain provides users a boost in mood, as well as mental clarity for those suffering with high anxiety levels. As far as pain relief, this strain is less helpful, but does provide mild relief. 

Best Green Kratom Conclusion

Here at Kratom Capital, our staff members are extremely knowledgeable about the high quality Kratom we carry. Get in touch with us so we can help you find the right strain for your particular needs, or find more information on our blog. As always, head to our store when you’re ready to purchase top quality Kratom! 


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