Are CBD Cigarettes Safe? 5 Essential Factors

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Are CBD Cigarettes safe? Hand rolled and manufactured CBD cigarettes side by side

As the cannabis industry grows, so does the available product market; CBD cigarettes have been becoming more and more popular. But are CBD cigarettes safe? We understand that along with new products come new questions about them. Look no further, we’ve got everything you need to know about CBD cigarettes right here.

What are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, but they contain no tobacco whatsoever. They also aren’t made from marijuana, either, and will not cause you to feel the ‘high’ associated with THC. A CBD cigarette is made with flowers from the hemp plant; a plant grown specifically to have less than 0.3% THC (the legal separation between marijuana and hemp) and high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). Because CBD is not psychotropic and won’t make you feel high, the effects of CBD cigarettes are simply calming and relaxing.

Are CBD Cigarettes Legal?

Yes, CBD cigarettes are perfectly legal across the entire United States! CBD entered legal status with the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill. This made industrial hemp production legal, as well as the sale of products made from said hemp, such as CBD cigarettes. This bill is where the distinction of 0.3% THC comes into play; any cannabis plant with over that limit of THC is a marijuana plant (which is still federally illegal) and any cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC is a fully legal hemp plant from which CBD products may be derived and sold.

All CBD products on the market must conform to this legal limit, but there are tons of products emerging with even less THC content. Some even have no THC at all! In fact, the only CBD that we sell here at Kratom Capital has 0.0% THC content. This ensures that our product is perfectly legal, greatly beneficial, and won’t cause any physiological impairment. And for those who are extra cautious, our absolutely THC free CBD products will give you easy peace of mind.

Are CBD Cigarettes Safe?

Skepticism with any new product is understandable, especially a smokable one. So we know you’re wondering, are CBD cigarettes safe? The straight forward answer is: yes! There is a possibility that your CBD cigarette smoke could be mistaken for marijuana smoke due to the smell; this could lead to uncomfortable or embarrassing situations, and is something you should be aware of.

There is also, as with any smokable product including marijuana, pipes, cigars, and traditional cigarettes, a possibility of throat and lung irritation due to smoke inhalation. However, CBD cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco smoke. Studies show that “components of cannabis smoke minimize some carcinogenic pathways whereas tobacco smoke enhances some.” So, if you’re worried that CBD cigarettes may be comparable to traditional tobacco cigarettes, fret no more!

CBD Cigarette Uses

CBD cigarettes can be used for a multitude of benefits. Studies show that most people use CBD to treat medical conditions such as pain, anxiety, and depression. Further, for a lot of CBD users, the CBD treats their medical conditions “very well by itself” without need for other medications. In this light, CBD cigarettes may be used for more than just their calming effects, and are a good inclusion to a CBD treatment regimen. Further, for anyone trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, CBD cigarettes may be a viable alternative. CBD cigarettes offer a safer option for social smoking, and for when your brain just needs that oral fixation of smoking something.

Are CBD Cigarettes Safe Conclusion

As the CBD market continues to expand we’re excited to continually offer information about new products. CBD cigarettes could be of interest to current CBD users, traditional tobacco cigarette smokers, and those that are simply curious about trying something new. The availability of CBD cigarettes varies though, as they are a new product and not yet commercially available at large scale. Here at Kratom Capital we carry CBD cones. While they may not have quite the exact look of a commercially available cigarette product, our CBD cones are packed with the finest quality, absolutely THC free CBD flower, and are ready to light up at your convenience.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us! To learn more about CBD and Kratom, check out our blog. And when you’re ready to purchase some top quality CBD and Kratom products, be sure to visit our shop!


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