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about kratom capital

The Kratom Capital Mission

About Kratom Capital

by Matt Parks – Founder/CEO

Our goal at Kratom Capital is simple. Inform as many people around the world that Kratom, CBD, and other natural herbs exist for their wellbeing and health. Collectively, hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, depression, lack of energy, and other ailments.

Few people are aware of the many herbs that mother nature provides us for our health and happiness. It’s no coincidence that we have strayed from natural remedies and practicing preventative measures for our health and well being. While things like fast food and doctor-prescribed medication are convenient, humans are simply not designed for them. This is a significant factor in why so many of us are unhealthy, unhappy, and always stressed. Kratom and other natural substances can help those seeking a natural, healthier lifestyle achieve a more sound body and mind.

Our Company Story

In the beginning, I started Kratom Capital in 2018 after realizing firsthand the positive effects that Kratom had on my life. Before I found Kratom, I had been taking pain pills for 4 years. After fully realizing the negative effects they had on my health, happiness, and relationships, I tried quitting, repeatedly. If you have been stuck in this same cycle of addiction, you know how difficult it can be to overcome. Whether it’s medication, alcohol, other drugs, or unhealthy food, addiction is a problem that millions of Americans face every day. Also, having underlying issues can make beating your addiction a much tougher obstacle to overcome.

Depression, anxiety, abuse, neglect, childhood issues, and traumatic events are just a few common underlying issues that people deal with, for example. Although I tried to overcome my addiction numerous times before, discovering Kratom made all the difference. Once I overcame my addiction, I immediately began to deconstruct my past to find where my issues stemmed from. I knew at that point it was absolutely necessary to understand, face, and resolve my underlying issues. Without doing so, I would find myself where I was before, or addicted to something else.

Although we each have unique stories and come from different backgrounds, we face many of the same problems in life. Through self work, healthy eating, discipline, exercising, meditation, and studying psychology, I began to live a healthier and happier life. Not only that, but for the first time in my life, I felt a true sense of purpose. That purpose begins with Kratom Capital.

About Kratom Capital & How We Evolved

Subsequently, six months after starting Kratom Capital in 2018, we were fortunate enough to acquire another local Kratom company, Kratom CC. Kratom CC was founded in 2014 here in Corpus Christi, Tx and had built up an impressive customer base. Because of our larger customer base, growing our company became much easier. At this point, we began to fully concentrate on offering the best customer service and highest quality/ consistency Kratom possible. Since then, we have been on an endless quest to find the best Kratom in the world.

As time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to find a better source, but we continue! To show people how much we believed in our products, we began giving out 100% free samples in 2018. Each sample is about 9 grams. We didn’t care if you were new to Kratom or already had a vendor, we wanted you to try ours! To this day, our attitude towards free samples has not changed. What also has not changed is our willingness to take the time to educate those with any questions they may have. No matter how successful a company becomes, customer service should not be sacrificed for profit, and neither should product quality.

about kratom capital

My Aha Moment

After seeing how much success our newly acquired Kratom CC website was having, a lightbulb went off. Why not build a larger website to compete with online companies, on a national level? I had already built several other businesses in the past and ranked them first locally on Google. So why stop there? 

Considering our mission statement, our first step towards this goal should be a website revolving around great products and education. My previous businesses were simply created to make a living, but Kratom Capital was created out of passion. To compete online, I knew I had to be dedicated and find like-minded people to help build the site. With our core team, blog writers, and passionate customers willing to help, we are accomplishing our goal.

Who Our Customers Are

Make no mistake, we have customers across the entire board. From soccer moms to business professionals and college students to grandparents. Some take Kratom once daily to replace (or combine with) coffee, others take Kratom multiple times daily for chronic pain. Although Kratom is most widely used for energy, pain relief, and opioid withdrawal symptoms, Kratom also has MANY other uses. Throughout our website, we explain Kratom’s many different methods, so be sure to look around!

What We Offer

At the time of this writing, we offer our customers the highest quality Kratom and CBD Flower products around. Over time, we plan to carry as many mother nature’s most beneficial herbs as possible. Knowing Kratoms benefits, it only feels right to open the world’s eyes to everything mother nature offers!

Kratom Capital Values

Our like-minded employees share values that we live by every day, whether at work or home. The people we associate with or do business with also share these same values.

Above all, a person’s values and moral compass should never change from one environment to the next. Though our team values many different characteristics, respect, integrity, and compassion are a few of our most important values.

Most importantly, we deeply value our customers and our customer relationships. We believe we must do everything in our power to make the customer happy from start to finish. This begins with the obvious such as promptness, product quality, customer service, and helping to educate people about our products. Equally important is our ability to promptly address any issues a customer may have with their order. At any point placing an order, or after your order is complete, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right.

Our Creative Team

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